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How Applied Kinesiology Can Help

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic and treatment approach used by healthcare practitioners. It combines principles from chiropractic, osteopathy, and other modalities to assess and treat conditions. The Bax Doctor in Indianapolis, IN, is here to help you feel your best. Our chiropractor can help you return to quality health and wellness.

What Is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied kinesiology is a holistic health technique used to diagnose certain conditions. Kinesiology uses movement science to identify muscle imbalances within the body, leading to injury identification. Reviewing muscle strengths and weaknesses can provide our chiropractor with the ability to diagnose chemical issues, nutritional problems, and more.

Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic Care

When our chiropractor uses the principles of applied kinesiology, they can provide a diagnosis that may otherwise require extensive testing. Since applied kinesiology is non-invasive, you won't have to worry about downtime or recovery time following your appointment.

Chiropractic care and applied kinesiology can work well together. When our chiropractor finds areas of muscle imbalance, we can work toward overall balance. Repeated applied kinesiology appointments can help you through your progress.

Interested in Applied Kinesiology Treatment? 

As with any healthcare approach, it is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional and consider evidence-based practices for diagnosing and treating health conditions.

At your first appointment at The Bax Doctor, our chiropractor will discuss using applied kinesiology to diagnose potential health issues. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Our chiropractic care team is here to ensure you feel comfortable and informed.

The Bax Doctor Is Here to Help!

If you're interested in improved mobility or a boost in energy, applied kinesiology can help Our unique knowledge of physiology can help improve your wellness. Our chiropractor at The Bax Doctor in Indianapolis, IN, will use applied kinesiology techniques to help you feel your best. Contact our West (317) 291-7246 or South office (317) 882-7246) to learn more.


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