Healing Coaching

Healing Coach

Have you been trying to become healthier and get yourself to a better place, but keep finding yourself unable to make it happen? Do you feel like you could benefit from someone encouraging you to make healthier choices? Then health coaching may be just what you need. If you live in the Indianapolis, IN, area and are interested in health coaching, visit our chiropractor at The Bax Doctor.


What Is Health Coaching?

Health coaching can help you with a wide range of health concerns, including losing weight, reducing stress, improving nutrition, and increasing exercise. A health coach may help to change your lifestyle and daily choices. A health coach can understand what you are trying to achieve and create a plan to help you get there. A health coach holds you accountable and encourages you when you hit a roadblock.

Who Benefits from Health Coaching?

Anyone can benefit from a health coach. If you want to create healthy habits and stick with them, you could benefit from a health coach. If you want to change your life, a health coach can help you get there. It does not matter what you want to change; a health coach can help you with any of it. A health coach creates a plan that is specific to your individual needs to match your goals.

Why Choose The Bax Doctor?

Dr. Bax believes in a holistic approach to health care. He understands that living in pain is not ideal. He focuses on the specific needs of his patients to help them achieve a pain-free life. This extends beyond chiropractic care. It includes acupuncture, kinesiology, and health coaching. He believes that in addition to regular adjustments, you should make changes to your daily life. Making those changes, even small ones, can help create a healthier life free of pain. Contact The Box Doctor today to schedule an appointment and see how they can help you to get back on your path to healing. 


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