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Nutrition Guidance

Today, eating a healthy, balanced diet is more challenging than ever. Inexpensive, delicious, high-calorie foods tempt us into making poor nutritional choices that significantly impact our health. Changing our eating habits is tough, too.


Nutritional counseling is critical to cutting out the foods holding back your progress. If you’ve had an injury or illness, the right foods are also important to your healing. 

At The Bax Doctor in Indianapolis, IN, we believe seeking treatment from a weight-loss chiropractor can put you on the path to improving your health. Our chiropractor, Dr. David Bax, is committed to promoting his patients' health and overall well-being.

Your Lifestyle and Health

Obesity is a common problem today: it’s estimated that more than two-thirds of U.S. adults in the United States are overweight or have obesity. Many factors can affect your weight, including genetics. If you have a family history of obesity, you are more likely to be obese. 

Being overweight puts you at higher risk for many serious health problems. An unhealthy diet can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, and even diabetes or cancer. Getting nutritional counseling is essential for turning things around. If you can change your diet to a healthier one, you can avoid the health complications of being overweight or obese. Plus, you will feel better and have more energy.

Nutritional Choices

People often think they're eating a healthy diet but get frustrated when the scale doesn’t budge. That’s because many foods aren't as good for you as you think, while others can be far more beneficial than you might realize.

Nutritional guidance can help you to learn to tell what’s what when it comes to the foods you eat. The right eating plan can help you avoid food sensitivities and make better choices at every meal to put you on the path to weight loss.

See a Weight Loss Chiropractor

Getting the most out of life requires a healthy diet, and nutritional counseling from an experienced chiropractor like Dr. David Bax can help you build an eating plan that addresses your health from the inside out.

Start your journey to better health today! Call The Bax Doctor in Indianapolis, IN, at (317) 291-7246 to make your appointment. 


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