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Physical Therapy

When you suffer a sports injury or are involved in any type of accident, physical therapy may be included in your treatment plan. The exercises and activities included in your therapy sessions are meant to hasten the healing process and strengthen the body as it repairs itself. Our chiropractor and physical therapist includes physical therapy because it can not only help you health but help prevent you from becoming injured again. If you are looking for physical rehabilitation care from a “chiropractor near me,” we at The Bax Doctor in Indianapolis, IN, are here to help.


Why Is Physical Therapy Important?

When you are recovering from an illness or injury, the body may become weak from lack of movement. This is known as atrophy and can undo a lot of the training you have done to get your body into shape. Physical therapy is used to start maintaining and increasing the body's strength, even while injured.

Using Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy Together

Chiropractic care and physical therapy are used together because they complement one another. Our chiropractor uses adjustments and manual manipulation techniques to realign the structures of the body and help restore its natural balance. Physical therapy uses specific exercises to strengthen the body and reintroduce movements that may have been restricted due to an injury or illness. If you have an injury that limits your mobility, part of your physical rehabilitation will be to learn new ways to accommodate certain activities.

Treating the Entire Person

When you receive an injury or are experiencing pain, we will work with you to help you get back on track with your health. With proper nutritional support and lifestyle advice, our team can help support the treatment you are already getting. We also seek to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms, rather than only treating the symptoms themselves.

Get Physical Rehabilitation Care from Our Chiropractor and Physical Therapist for a Sports Injury

If you live in the Indianapolis, IN, area and are interested in learning more about physical therapy and how it can help you, call and schedule an appointment with us at The Bax Doctor. We will provide you with an examination and personalized treatment plan that can help give you the answers to your questions. Call us at (317) 882-7246 for our south office or at (317) 291-7246 for our west office. Our “chiropractor near me” is here to help.


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