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What Can Physical Therapy Do for You?

Are you recovering from a surgical procedure, dealing with a chronic health problem, or getting your body back into good working order after an accident? If any of these situations apply to you, then you could definitely benefit from a thorough, holistically-minded physical therapy (PT) program administered by an experienced Indianapolis chiropractor.

The Chiropractic Connection

Physical therapy goes hand-in-hand with our other services. If we correct a spinal misalignment, for instance, we may still need to strengthen your muscles so you can keep standing tall. This falls into the holistic healing philosophy that all parts of the mind and body work together to achieve balance. A series of exercises, customized for your individual state of health, can build up muscles weakened from prolonged bed rest, nerve problems or the everyday desk jobs that tend to keep us sedentary. To help things along, we also prescribe massage or cold laser therapy to invigorate muscle groups, tame inflammation and speed the natural healing process. As your body gets stronger, it becomes better able to cope with a wide variety of ailments. You may find all kinds of aches and pains diminishing as you achiever a higher state of overall wellness.

Bear one thing in mind, though -- feeling better does not necessarily mean that you are "done" with your PT program. One of the principles of holistic healing is the commitment to staying well. If you build yourself up just to let yourself go again, you may slide right back into your previous ailments. We want you to feel good all the time -- and we would wager that you do too. Contact our office and let Dr. Bax set you on a new course that could pay dividends for life.

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