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Our Blog Highlights Wellness and Rehabilitation Services

Our Indianapolis Chiropractor comments:

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our blog! Dr. David Bax, the Indianapolis chiropractor who heads up our facility, and our whole chiropractic and wellness staff are pleased to provide this blog as an information source for our clients. We intend for our blog to be a resource for patients who want to learn about the conditions that chiropractic care treats and how we treat them.

Our Approach to Wellness

Our Indianapolis chiropractor, Dr. Bax, places a strong emphasis upon finding the source of the pain that our patients are experiencing. A headache or back pain is usually not something that happens for no particular reason. For example: Your back pain might be the result of a condition like sciatica. The nerves that extend from your spinal column help to control every major system in the body, and Dr. Bax can find the source of your pain and treat it.

We use treatments that may include cold laser, which applies gentle lasers to the neck area, physical therapy, which can be applied with positive effects for virtually any area of the body, and massage, which is used to relax muscles and reduce inflammation in the muscles. We help our patients with problems like fibromyalgia, cervical pain, back pain, and most other conditions that require pain management. Part of our approach is to help patients make changes that can complement our therapy, such as nutrition help and exercise recommendations.

Our blog will be talking about some good exercise choices, some helpful ways to work exercise and good eating habits into your daily routines, and other topics in the holistic health field that our patients may find of interest. New advances in the field of natural healing will be discussed, and our staff is always here to talk with patients.

What kind of experiences have you had with natural healing therapy in the past? What would you like to try in the future? We will be glad to address any questions in future blogs!


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